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Sam has grown up on two wheels. When everyone else was moving on to cooler things like the mall, Sam continued riding his bicycle and competing in races. His first mountain bike race was at the age of 12. By the age of 16, he had become a TN State Mountain Bike Champion. Over the course of his 13 years racing bicycles, Sam claimed many titles and victories, with his most memorable including SEC Division I Overall Champion, Tennessee State Road Race Champion Pro / Cat 1, and TBRA Mountain Bike State Champion. Over the years, he raced cross country mountain biking, short track, downhill, dual slalom, road races, criterium and time trials. Some of his most memorable road races include Tour of Gila, Cascade Cycling Classic, Tour of Atlanta, Tour of Bahamas, Super Week and Tour of Virginia.

He also spent quite a bit of time working in the cycling industry. He started sweeping the floors at his local bike shop when he was 12, and worked their as a mechanic and eventual manager until he was 21. He also built bicycles for American Bicycle Group, specifically Litespeed, Quintana Roo, Merlin and Tomac.

Even though Sam was a decent cyclist, he wasn’t quite cut to make it as a Pro. Since his bicycle racing days, however, Sam has found a new love: motorcycles. It takes the best parts of mountain biking or road biking, but makes going up hill fun too ;). He now races in US Hard Enduro Championship Series, National Enduros, and Regional Hare Scrambles. In 2023, he finished 23rd out of 500+ for the Overall Amateur National Hard Enduro Championship. He has some plenty lofty goals for racing dirtbikes, including: Romaniacs, Erzberg Rodeo, Baja 1000 and the Mint 400. Obviously, some of those aren’t like the others, but he really admires and respects desert racing, and would like to check major milestones off the list before he’s too old.

Sam’s love for two wheels has extended much further than just racing. New friends, new places and a quality of life associated with riding two wheels has completely changed his life. On any given Sunday you can find Sam either racing his motorcycle, mountain bike, or just riding either one for fun.


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